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      Not available for summer delivery (it’s too hot for our all natural raw chocolate!).
      Ready to take a step back to the future – give the Time Machine blend a spin! Inspired by some amazing new research, this blend mixes the super-food benefits of raw chocolate with the super-anti-aging benefits of some of the most powerful spices available – savory in flavor, but extra sweet in its effects!

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    Saffron – researchers have been studying the effects of saffron on neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s and finding that the most active ingredient in saffron, crocetin, works to protect the dopamine-generating brain cells, implying the potential to slow, if not combat, these two devastating diseases.  Separate research is being done on the effects of saffron in reducing memory loss.
    Garlic Powder – it’s the stinky part of garlic that makes it such a super-healer. Allicin, which gives garlic it’s aroma, aids in minimizing oxidation & inflammation in the body (the stuff that leads to chronic disease often linked to old age). Garlic also boosts blood flow to the skin for that “youthful glow”.
    Sage – natural healers have been advising people to add sage to their diet for thousands of years. This spice is best known for it’s ability to lift your mood & to sharpen your memory.

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