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      Play Potion
      We’ve taken a more playful spin on the combination of raw cacao powder, herbs, spices, roots, and flowers that would sustain Aztec & Mayan warriors throughout battle. Consume when you need a little bit of get up & go. Excellent when blended with your milk of choice, but also a great addition to smoothies or even coffee!
      Yacon Sweetener
      Yacon is just coming into the public eye as a delicious sweetener that when processed correctly may be safe for diabetics. In addition to its honey flavor, it also supplies FOS, or inulin fiber, which is beneficial to gut health. Yacon Syrup is currently being studied for its impact on weight loss and its improvement of blood sugar levels. 8 0z bottle. Suggested Use: Use as your would honey, agave, stevia, or maple syrup.

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