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      Not available for summer delivery (it’s too hot for our all natural raw chocolate!).
      For most people, when they eat raw cacao they don’t experience the stomach upset that often comes after eating processed chocolate. That’s because raw chocolate, or at least ours, hasn’t been combined with ingredients that can irritate a tummy (soy, dairy, nuts or preservatives). Happy Tummy aims to actually settle fussy stomachs & ease digestion, using a trio of tried & true belly-settling spices that are a delicious combo whether your belly needs it or not!

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    Fennel – a powerful antioxidant that has been used to soothe digestive upsets of all kinds, as it works to relax the lining of the intestines.

    Ginger – helps to reduce the feeling of nausea, morning sickness, heartburn, and tummy aches.

    Mint – can help ease the symptoms of IBS by relaxing the muscles of the GI tract & ease digestion.

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