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      Not available for summer delivery (it’s too hot for our all natural raw chocolate!).

      Many folks reach for chocolate when the stress kicks in – that’s the body’s way of naturally seeking out the stress-reducing tryptophan & serotinin that raw chocolate contains. Now imagine all that stress-calming goodness combined with spices that will work to increase those effects! That’s what our Comfy Sweater blend hopes to offer – a sweet, delicate, soothing combo of calming cacao & spices aimed to make you feel just as nice as your favorite old soft comfy sweater!

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    Basil – research has found that several compounds in basil extract have “anti-stress effects”. Basil can help to normalize levels of cortisol (one of the big stress hormones) in the body.
    Lemongrass – this zesty sweet spice has been used as a calming, anxiety-relieving folk remedy in many cultures for centuries.
    Chamomile – chamomile contains the highest herbal source of tryptophan, helping to soothe the nervous system & bring an inflated sense of calm to the body & mind.

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